My First Week Blogging is Complete, Yay!

So my first week running and writing my own Blog has been completed and I hit my stated target of three Blog posts per week.  Of course that was week one and now I have to continue blogging and to post three a week.

There are plenty out there that would say post when you feel like it, or post several a week or only a couple a month and so on.  So who would you believe?

What is the best quantity of Blog posts to post on your blog?

A simple answer is obviously no-one knows.  There are so many different opinions, so many so I have learned that they are just that, opinions.

My opinion is set yourself an achievable goal of an amount of posts you want to write per week or month and stick to it for a while, maybe at least a month.

Remember the word achievable.  Do not think that you can do one a day for a whole month, if you cannot keep up with the pace of creating them.  Do not think one a month will do, when you might have something to say, when you will probably just let that slide and not bother posting at all.

What you need to do is pick an amount you believe you can really do and stick to it.

Working on my Blog

I believe I can create three a week and believe I need to, to keep that fire under me.  I need to have this personally imposed target in order to actually do what I need to do.  It will allow me to impose goals and achieve them by setting them within my blog and confirming when they are completed.

Now some might be able to just do one a week or even just a couple each month.  For me, I would just let it slide and in the end not bother at all, I know it, I can be a lazy so and so.  Knowing yourself, your abilities and your weaknesses is the real key to how much posting you can do. 

I have done courses that have said for the first two weeks blog every day; this will get the word out, but make sure it is quality.  I have read others saying once or twice a week is fine. 

I say look into yourself, how much blogging do you think you can do.  If it is four a week or once a week, say fine and then just stick to it.  After a month decide if you can keep that level or want to change it, but just stick with it. 

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