What to Blog or Not to Blog – That is the Question

As a follow up to my last post what should you blog about and what should you not blog about?

This is a huge problem for many starting out, there is a lot of worry on how you will be perceived, will your posts be any good, will anyone care and will you get in trouble for writing the wrong things?

So is just plonking any old post down not enough?

There are plenty of Gurus and training courses out there banging on about quality content, which effectively put newbies in the position of feeling they will never be good enough.  Gurus especially go on about quality, but many of them never actually define what quality is. 

Personally speaking, when I first started out I got nowhere fast due to this issue.  I always worried about what was quality content, what information could I give, was I talking bollocks!  Because of all this thinking my early blogging attempts imploded and I eventually stopped.

So I have come to a conclusion, controversial to some I expect, but I believe you have to start somewhere, whatever you want to write about or video or whatever you want to post, just bloody well do it.  You will get nowhere if you do not start. 

The only rule that you need to follow is that the subjects you pick should match the subjects of your blog, it is no use blogging about Bananas when your blog is about cycling now is it?  Unless of course there is a new diet fad in cycling all about Bananas that is!

A good thing about my blog about building an online business is that it means a lot of different subject angles can be taken.  I can talk about myself and my experiences as it relates to this business, I can talk about what I am up to and weave it into aspects of this business and of course I can talk about this business specifically and in general.


But does it really matter how good it is? 

Well, first, who decides what is good?  

You will get critics, some will have a point, many won’t, you need to learn to sort the good advice from the bad.  Just do not let someone dispirit you, they are the voices you do not need.   

The things you have to do, is be real in your writing, have your own opinion, speak with your own voice.  JUST BE REAL.  People will appreciate your honesty and will be drawn to your style.  Just remember you will NEVER please everyone, so don’t even try.

Many who start their own blogs very quickly start to look for alternatives to spending time creating posts and they come to PLR (Private Label Rights), I will talk more about this in the future, just suffice to say, PLR for blog posts is a no-no unless you spend almost the same amount of time re-writing it as you would creating something in the first place. 

If you want people to trust you they have to see, feel and learn your voice.  People are not idiots, they can tell when you are not the one speaking to them and that you are using something else to help flesh out your blog and to cut corners.

The great or perhaps terrible thing is at first you will get no or very few visitors anyway.  So you have time to practise your writing and creating, maybe a lack of audience will give your blogging a bit more freedom make mistakes and more freedom to learn how to write and create.  

As in everything time and practise is what you have to give it, stick to your plans, follow your goals, and do not give in.

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