The Only Way to Fail is to Not Try

A short lesson in always being willing to try something rather than fail anyway by not doing.


I run an offline business as my day job, and enjoy what I do.  However this last month or so has been tough, less customers and less sales.  It always goes quiet for us in the summer.

As part of our business we trade at the occasional show, but could not find one close to us during this period.

This July we went going to my mother’s house to celebrate her birthday, which is over 200 miles away.  At the same time the local town was holding its annual carnival and car boot.

Now normally I would not even think about trading our stuff at a car boot, our business is a bit niche and the items we would take would average at £10 a time, so not exactly penny pinching cheap that people expect at those sort of events.

So the choice was to trade our wares at a non-targeted audience and keep our fingers crossed or not.

So would you bother to try and sell something you were not sure would work and not at a specific customer base and at a cost that is normally higher than the customers would expect to pay too, and it would be a long day outside as well?

Probably not, right?

There were some factors on its side, first we were there anyway, so it was not costing us anything for fuel against the business, second the pitch was £10 and third unlike many other car boots, the carnival and where it was positioned meant a large cross section of people would be there.

So in those circumstances would you still turn it down?

I know that I ummed about it a bit, but as the weather looked ok and there was little to lose we went for it despite my slight misgivings.

Wouldn’t you know it, despite a little rain the day went very well indeed; in fact it far exceeded my low expectations.  The attendees at the carnival bought our items in droves, we ended up with half the stock we took, which believe me is a fantastic result.

So by taking a small risk, being willing to let it blow up in our faces, we ended up with a fantastic day out and a good profit too.

The little lesson from this is, always take a chance, you never know how it will turn out.  Failure is always a possibility, but who cares about the times you may fail when there are all those other opportunities when you will succeed.  Business is about taking chances, don’t take those chances, don’t try and you will fail every time.

Wouldn’t you always prefer to try?

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