When the Best Laid Plans Fail Just Say F**k it and Keep Going

What an end to a week!

I knew due to my offline business that I would be busy from Friday to Monday, so I formulated a few ideas for posts for Friday and Monday so I could hit my personal challenge target of three blog posts per week every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the first month’s blogging or so.

So along with more researching and learning, I decided to write a couple of posts on Thursday and date them to be published for the days mentioned.  You know…planning ahead like you should!

Well as they say the best laid plans…fell apart.  My site was hit by a brute force attack.  This is one where your site is targeted by password Bots that attempt over and over again to crack your password and break into your site.  Luckily the Host I use for my blog is on the ball and blocked the attempts.  But when they do that they also block all WordPress access, even for the owner, which are only accessible at 20 minute intervals.

So once I was able to get back into my WordPress account I had to start working on how to make my site even tougher for these bastards to get into.

As a non tech guy (once it gets to lots of coding and editing anyway) I had to seek out as many useful security Plug-Ins and step by step guidelines as I could.  That coupled with my Hosts handy help pages I was able to put a pretty strict security regime in place.

However I did at one stage bite off more than I could chew and totally screwed access to my site. One of their guides started simple and then got a bit too techy and as not all lines of code matched I got bloody lost!  So straight onto their live help and after a couple of hours more untangling my self made mess, the day was complete.

Thanks to those unfriendly gits trying to break into my site, I no longer had the time to concentrate on posts or other Internet Marketing guff, as I had to spend time in the evening preparing for my offline work. so my aim of three posts a week on specific days was totally up the swanny.

Why are you telling me this you may ask?

The big lesson here is do not be downhearted if your plans, aims or goals on a specific day or for a specific period are disrupted or totally shot like mine were.  There is still a tomorrow to get things done.

Now this is not a call to say, hey, every time you think you don’t have the time to do something then just goof off as there is always tomorrow.  Hell no!  These for me were unusual circumstances, I was rushed off my feet most of the weekend and away from home with a piss poor internet connection.  

In the past I would have felt real pressure and worry about not hitting my target, which conversely led to me procrastinating and not getting on with things – miss one, miss them all.  Now I have learnt to go “what the hell”.  Why because I know I will continue and just get on with things.  I have set myself these targets and I know I am only human living in an imperfect world.  There will be times when targets, goals and aims are not met.  So what!  Get over it and deal with it just say f**k it and carry on.

It is what you do after something like this occurs that really shows if you are building something or not.  It is easy to give up, it is easy at the first sign of adversity to stop believing you will never get anywhere.  It is far harder to keep trying, to pick up from where you left off, especially if you are at the start of your journey, where the rewards still seem so far away and even perhaps unlikely.

If you come up against a day or period of time that knocks you back a bit and leads to you missing one of your goals for that period of time, do not be down, do not go around with a frown.  Just say f**k it and as soon as you can just carry on.

Failure is in the mind, anything can contribute to failure.  Recognise that this can be one of those things and learn to combat it by ignoring it.  So you have missed a target, so what.  Learn why and just fight as hard as you can to not miss the next one.

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