I Need to Know Everything and I need to Know it Now!

Recognise yourself in this title, have you or do you have the need to know everything and need to know it right now?

I know I had this need to know syndrome when I first started my journey in Internet Marketing and as anyone would suspect it was not a good thing, this is the kind of desire that almost always leads to failure.

There are many many things to learn in Internet Marketing as well as all the different ways you can make money online there are all the Programs and Applications you need to master as well as the ways to get Traffic.

So what with learning to create your own website or web presence, getting used to more technical stuff than you are probably used to, learning and using Social Media platforms, Traffic generation, maybe blogging skills, learning to use video and audio, signing up and then learning to promote affiliate products and accounts.  The list just seems to grow the more you get into this business and all the lists you probably join do not help, with an almost endless array of nice new shiny objects to purchase and in many cases let go to proverbial dust.

This happened to me first time around and with this much information and opportunity swimming around in my head, I could not cope.  I fell into the trap of looking at everything, many useful products and some not so useful fell into my lap, I needed to know them all.  Some I did learn and follow, but many I did not implement at all.  Those I did, I did not give enough time to actually make a difference.

The big problem for many getting into this business is a lack of patience.  If it does not happen straight away, then toss it to one side and start again.  Many of us, me included first time around, follow a path of buy product, learn product (mostly), start implementing product, wait a short while, nothing happens, give up and seek something new.  We are essentially lost.


Does this sounds like you at this moment?

If you are still trying to know everything, just bloody stop right now.

Think to yourself what do you actually want to accomplish with your business.

Think, can you allow yourself the time to build your business and not get stressed when nothing happens at first, can you give myself a few months to try and follow a proven path and not bail out after a couple of weeks when nothing happens?  Can you stop needing to know everything?

Yes of course you can.

A big problem is that we all see time after time other Marketers stating their success using a system after only a couple of days, but they are the exception, they are not the rule.  Sometimes they are lucky, sometimes they have spent a long time implementing things and then state it was only a couple of days, sadly sometimes it is an outright lie.  It is a Marketer’s job to sell after all and saying something could take a long time to work is not the easiest way to grab a customer.

So when you finally find the product or course you trust and want to follow, ignore the big noises of how successful you could be immediately or you could take home $100,000 in just a month, these can happen but they are very very rare.  Instead follow it methodically.  Learn each part and implement as you go on.  When new things arise that you feel you need to know, include the learning of these products and programs within your work cycle, do not allow new things to overwhelm you.  Focus on what you need to do each day and then if you have the time include what you want to learn.

But only focus on learning one new thing at a time.  Want to get an Auto Responder to help build your email list?  Sign up to one and learn it over a period of a few days.  Do the work you need to do and any learning of something new concentrate it on this one thing.  Once you know how to use your Auto Responder, learn say, how to get Traffic from Forum Marketing, and so on.  Do not try to learn and know everything at once, you will fail.

So what if you have just started or have never really found something to follow that you are comfortable with?

There are lots of courses and mentor opportunities out there, but what and who to follow?

If you are a complete and utter beginner I have to recommend Chris Farrells Membership site.  He is an expert at taking newbies by the hand and methodically leading them through the very basics of many different aspects of Internet Marketing.  

You cannot go wrong with this program proven by the fact his site has been voted the number one income service four years running!  I actually started out using his program and I learnt a lot, but as I said earlier I got caught up in shiny object syndrome and wanted to know too much too soon and expected success too quickly.  

If you are at all interested just click here and it will take you to his welcome page where you can either apply for a membership, and/or grab his fabulous free gift of an online quick start guide, especially handy for those brand new or very lost in the Internet Marketing jungle.

chris membership

If you feel you are too far advanced for Chris’s fantastic help?  Then maybe you are looking for something to give you structure while you are advancing.  This is where my mentor Dean Holland comes in.

Dean offers a fantastic range of products designed to help you cement your knowledge and take you to the next level in this difficult business.  He gives step by step help and guidance in all his products and really, the way they are structured means the only way you will fail is if you do not implement them properly or give up too soon.  You can check out what he has to say right here.

These are two mentors I have used and trust, they both offer real value for money and put their time in creating top products to help and guide you.  Both are long standing experts in their field and have helped thousands of people.  You cannot go wrong if you seek either of these guys help in guiding you through this business to ultimate success.

So if you want to stop jumping from shiny object to shiny object and want to follow a proven plan that has helped many people achieve their dreams of building and running their own successful business online, then decide now to pick a path to follow and bloody well follow it.  Do not give up if immediate success is not found, give the damn thing some time, I think six months is a reasonable time limit to follow.  If you implement everything you are told to, follow instructions and don’t give up, then you will find that people will find you and will buy from you and you will get the successful business you have been looking for.

So remember you do not need to know everything right now, start your business, structure your business and learn as you go, learn one thing at a time and soon you will be a trusted expert in your niche.  

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