How Can You Gain Confidence?

This is a tough business, there are lots of people out there who know much more than you do, so how can you gain the confidence you need to compete with them?

The online world is full of fragile ego’s, full of people who want to succeed, but are too scared to actually try, full of people who try a little bit and then give up because they do not succeed straight away or feel they have nothing to give.

Believe me, everyone has something to give, to contribute, if you don’t think that is you, then you are wrong my friend.

So if that is the case, why do people give up, why don’t they have the confidence to continue or even start?

A simple answer is when people do not know something they always feel insecure.  If they do not learn quickly enough or feel the pressure to have to learn quickly, they tend to give up.  If they see so many already touting themselves as experts it can be daunting, there is a feeling that you are already too far behind.

There are tons of sites online and in books, TV etc. all about gaining confidence.  But who has the patience to check them all out? 

My simple solution about this is to learn and experience, the more knowledge you gain the more confident you will get in passing your ideas on to other people.

I know really simple huh?

How much money would I earn writing a self-help book about confidence, when so far it takes up one line tut?

An easy way to build your confidence for example, is creating a blog just like this.  Write about what you know, what you think you know and what you have learnt and experienced.  It is so bloody simple to do too!

Just realise that you will never know everything and learning does actually take time.

You will never learn everything you need to run a successful business or blog or website and so on, in just a couple of days, it takes a long time and you will normally be learning new ideas and ways for the rest of your life.  Amazingly just like life itself.  So don’t let all those shiny objects or different voices advise you to keep jumping about.  Learn one thing at a time, become an expert on it, then learn something else, all the time imparting your knowledge to others to help them.

Don’t worry about criticism, if it is constructive and you agree, use it, if it is just a nob sounding off, ignore them.  You will never get everything right all the time and you will make mistakes.  It is how you react and deal with criticism and mistakes that will add to your knowledge, experience and bring you confidence. 

Experience builds confidence.  Whatever you are confident in or want to learn, start from there and watch your self-belief grow.

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