Ever Felt You Have Wasted Your Time?

This business is a pain at times.

There is so much to learn and so much to do, sometimes it feels like your head is going to spin off!

Then there is the work you put into something only to find that what you were doing no longer works, or what you were reviewing is suddenly no longer available, yet is was when you started.

Things to make you go arrgh!

Still it is all a learning curve they say..haha!!

When you find that you are in this position, that you have worked your ass off and found it was a waste of time.  Don’t be down hearted, maybe you have actually learnt something!  Nothing is really a waste unless you let it be one.

I for one spent a few days looking up and researching a great new product, purchased it, found I liked it and decided to market it.  Spent a while working on a review, got its links and banners, started to write up a post, put in the links, checked the links and found it was no longer available!!

Whatever happened, not sure, I downloaded all the content, and it was great content, but something has gone wrong for the owner somewhere, I know not what, could be suspicious, could be just one of those disastrous things.  Anyway, I at least have the product, and one day, once I have learnt it and implemented it, maybe I can show other people what I have learnt.  So not all a complete waste.

These things happen in the Internet Marketing Information product world.


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