A First Attempt at this Video Stuff

I finally decided to get a video editor and to start working on videos.  My first attempt is here and is quite simple, basic and has little to say.  It is just an experiment to see if the set up could actually work with what I have.  Still need to get a better microphone perhaps, and mess with the sound levels and so on, and the playback quality is not the best either as I used a very high compression.  But what better way to get better than to publish my attempts each time!

I mainly decided to do video because I want to explain stuff in an easier way, rather than reams of text, I wanted to explain things in logical step by step ways using video.  It is often easier to follow a video path than a written one as you can see what is happening on the example screen at the same time you do it yourself.



Now I know my first few attempts will not set the world on fire, that is not the point, we all have to start somewhere, and no-one starts brilliantly, practise makes perfect (or at least close).  So if you decide you want to make video and are worried what people will think, just do forget them and do it anyway.  Some will be supportive, some will offer criticism and others will be arseholes!  The latter are who you ignore avoid and block, they are not worth your time or effort, they are nobody, it is everyone else, the bigger proportion who you want to communicate with.

Just give it a go, don’t try and be perfect otherwise you might never get it off the ground, just go for it and grow!

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