The Key To Content Success Is Be Consistent

Today I watched a fantastic little Facebook Live post from my Mentor Dean Holland in Ipro Partners all about how the key to Content success is to be consistent. 

Good timing for me to write this post as I managed to miss my target of a posting on Monday.  I have an aim as you have probably read before of posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Believe me when I say for me, it is not a taxing target, I should do it, and for one reason or another I miss it every so often.

I had a very busy weekend and was away, and then I tried to write up a review and felt I did not have enough knowledge myself to give a coherent explanation of the quality product I was reviewing.  I needed more time to create the review I would feel proud of.  This meant I had suddenly lost a load of time for posting that day and I sort of….let it go.

Now this might not seem like much to some, but I felt awful, I had missed a target I had set again.  This sort of thing makes me brood on the mistake and leads me faff about not taking enough action to try to ensure it does not happen again, at least not so bloody often.  A procrastination trap.

Previously I would have allowed things to slide, I did not even think about the consequences and had not learned much about the signs of procrastination and how to avoid them.  But now I have much more knowledge and am self aware of what I am doing, so can take action to fight those little procrastination demons.

So here I am on Wednesday wanting to write a Blog post, but I am now full of doubt, what on earth can I write about, I am still working on my review to ensure it is a good quality and shows I really do understand what I am writing about.  So this is a problem, as I need inspiration to write something good for my Wednesday post.

What do you know, up pops Dean on his daily Facebook Live with some golden nuggets of wisdom.

Simple obvious nuggets, but still solid gold.  

Gold Nugget

Effectively, the best content for your Blogs, for your Facebook, for your YouTube strategies etc. is consistency.  You must make a target and stick to it.  Yes you need quality content, it needs something to be worthwhile, but you need to be consistent.

The aim must be to be able to include content in your marketing strategy on a regular basis.  Now, depending on your personal timetable and what you are able to do consistent content can be once a week to every day.  Best though to start with a timetable of content creation you feel you can do and will not overwhelm you.

As I said before three posts for me, with my lifestyle and time available, should be nothing, but I still manage to miss my posting target every so often.  Personally I think that is fine, every so often, but I, nor you, should ever make a habit of it.  If you feel fine missing a target and think “I will get it next time”, then you miss that too, then you really are on a slippery slope to giving up and failure.

Miss a target for whatever reason, you should feel more determined to ensure you hit the next one. However do not feel panicked or worried to the extent you are paralysed into not doing something.  Just look for a simple thing to post about, what you have learnt, what you did that day, what your plan is for tomorrow and so on.

We are all learning all the time in this business, we all have little demons trying to put us off, but if we are consistent and can push those demons out of the way each and every one of us can be successful.

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