Why You Need to Join a Forum Right Now

Online there is a Forum for everything, every subject on the planet and that includes Internet Marketing (IM).  But what are Forums good at?  They are good at giving you information about the subject you are interested in and if you are in IM, then they are crucial to your future success.  Most information in Forums is totally free too, so the only cost is your time well spent.  This is why you need to join a Forum.

Being an Internet Marketer is a fairly solitary life, for the most part you are on your own, left to your own devices and for many this is fine.  But we are by nature an animal that thrives on interaction and we all need help and guidance and ideas from time to time.

If we are so alone, where on earth can we get these ideas, interaction and information on a regular basis?

The answer of course is Forums.


It doesn’t matter how much or how little you know a Forum can help you. 

Not only are they a great source of learning, they are also a great source for creating your own content.  Just pick a subject and you will find a thread full of opinions and information that you can meld into a blog post or informative video or even as part of an ebook.

Forums not only help with information, they also help to get your message out too.  Almost all of them allow you to place what is called a signature at the bottom of your posts.  The signature is another way to call a web address, but it is an address you want the readers of your posts to go to.  It can be to your blog or your squeeze page.  Some do have restrictions, just read them and work out which ones allow what types of signature and select the right signature for each Forum.

Two of the biggest forums in the IM niche are:



I recommend that you join both of these and start to read and study them and of course participate.  There are plenty of others out there, general ones as above and some much more targeted to specific areas of IM such as SEO. 

Now some might say they don’t have times to mess around in Forums, but as stated above they are an invaluable resource, you are not wasting your time, you are building your knowledge and helping to build your business.

So next time you ask “why do I need to join a Forum”, think about all the excellent information it can offer you and your business and for free too!

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