Do Not Just Blog about it, Share it with the World

So you have set up your Blog and you are writing and creating posts on a regular basis.  But are you just plonking post on your site and hoping people will find them, or are you being proactive and sharing them everywhere you can?  If you create something don’t just sit on your hands share it with the world.

The Blog is just a first stage, yes it is the heart of your business, but you need to draw attention to each and every post you do, very few will just stumble on them.  So if you create valuable content, which can help people and get them to read and follow you, how do you actually find them to help find you?

Here are some top tips to help you get each of your posts noticed

  • Share your post on Social Media, Facebook, Twiiter and Google Plus
  • Make the post into a Youtube card to go on your top videos, so people get your great video content and then see you have more to discover at your blog
  • Put your post as a link in your email marketing. You could have links to your blog as part of your weekly newsletter or if it ties in with an email subject you are sending to your list
  • Share your documents on sites like Scribd
  • Turn your post into a short video or podcast and submit to video and podcast sites like YouTube and Soundcloud and then embed the video or podcast in the post you have created giving people the option to watch or listen instead.
  • Submit your post to share sites like
  • Is it a long post? Maybe add a download link for those who would like to read it offline later?
  • Every time you create a new post Ping it. Go to a site like fill in the details and it will ping your post across the web.
  • Short post? Or can you abbreviate the post?  Maybe you can use it as a Thread in a forum?

Of course your posts might not be right for each and every one of these ideas every time, however they will all be perfect fits for some of them every time.

So if you don’t do these already then try something different and get your information out there.  Sounds like a lot of work?  Believe me once you have the structure and plans to work with these ideas in place you will find it easy to just get each and every one of them done in quick time.

I must say thanks for the idea and several parts on this list to a post on  There are plenty of great ideas there to help us all!

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