A Simple Way to Build a Better Blog

We all like things easy don’t we? But we all put tremendous stress on ourselves to get things right or perfect, which let’s face it, is not really possible.  The best we can do is our best.  So while doing our best we also want to do it as easily as we can, which is why this solution is probably the best and very easy and simple way to build a better blog.

We are all critics at heart and I bet every one of you out there has gone to blogs and other websites and been critical of the mistakes and choices the site owners have made.  I also bet that many of you who have built, or are in the process of building your blogs find it much harder to be critical of your own sites and very difficult to know how to change them for the better.

I know this problem very well as my blog in its present form of writing this post is very much in the early days of its life and I know I need to do a lot to it to make it look like I want it to and to be as user friendly as I would like. 

It can feel overwhelming when trying to create something new like a Blog and the demands of others and yourself to make it as user friendly and well designed as possible.

But how do you build a better Blog?


This is where you as a customer and reader of websites and other Blog sites need to come in.  You need to step back from your own site to see its weaknesses and possible strengths.

But how can you recognise them?

First take a look at other Blogs in your chosen niche, pick as many as you want, but no so many that you never get around to doing anything, no procrastination here thank you.

Cast a critical eye over those Blogs and list what you think are their strengths and weaknesses, then do the same for your Blog, or get a friend to do it for you.

Then take the best strengths from those sites and implement as many of them into your Blog as you can and try and eliminate as many of your Blogs weaknesses as possible.

Only take a couple of hours doing this though, otherwise it might just send you nuts.

A simple rule you could adhere to is say pick 2 or 3 strengths you feel you can add to your Blog in the next week, and say 1 or 2 weaknesses you want to remove, or even vice versa.  Don’t go over the top and try to do too much, as it could suck up all of your time and energy.

Little steps are easier to do and less stressful.

Do not spend all of your time working on this especially at the cost of the rest of your business, your Blog is important, but it can also be allowed to grow and change over time.  The development of your Blog can also give you the opportunity to create further Blog posts discussing the very developments you are working on.

So a win, win, a better looking Blog and more content for it, so why not try it today?

You are improving your blog, but what are you going to put in it, that is the question?

What to Blog or Not to Blog – That is the Question

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