Poor Internet Connection? Just Suck it up and Keep Working

Today online has been one of those days, everything has taken far too long to get through.

You see where I live my Internet connection is….well….garbage.

I wanted to do some training, watch a few training videos and a few Facebook Lives.  But even a Facebook Live of just 8 or 9 minutes, with this connection can take over twenty minutes or more!

So why not get a better provider….just switch?

Problem here in the UK is that not everywhere is high speed fibre Broadband.  Those places that aren’t are sadly treated as second class, as in we are not paying enough as we are stuck on standard.  So they give us pretty poor quality speeds.  Also where I live at the moment, there is only one provider…yes just one! so much for competition eh?

So when I hear Guru’s and other trainers saying work smarter, spend less time and on the right things, I have to laugh a bit, as I spend even more time trying to do the right things because the connection slows me right down.

In the face of this sort of slow speed, you can understand when someone might just give up.  At first it may well be, they will come back to it another time, very soon, when the speed might have improved so they can see that video course they wanted to see, or upload a video to YouTube without it taking over an hour.  At the same time you are not able to do anything else as it slows down everything even more!  But once you push one thing back, you will find you push more and more back until you just plain stop.

A slow connection is just another excuse not to do something, to put something off.  A slow connection speed is another excuse for procrastination and I for one won’t have it!

If you suffer from slow connection speeds like me, suck it up and take the time you need to get things done.

Click on that video and let it slowly stream enough so you can start watching it without a ten minute catch up break due to delay.  Or upload that video you have created etc.  Whatever you are doing, either work on something on your computer but offline, or leave your computer and let it download or upload for a while and just get on with something you need to do away from it.  Lets face it we all have a life away from the computer, do the Ironing, wash up, do some exercise.  Whatever offline thing you have planned in the day, use the downtime of your slow connection to fill it with those offline things.

Treat each time as a small break from your online work.  We can’t all spend all day at the computer, we all need breaks from it.  if you get a slow down or suffer from slow speeds, use them from time to time to take breaks from the work and the training, but always get back to your work.

As I said, I have been having one of those days and decided to moan about it a little and make a post about it.  This was written offline, while waiting for one of those pesky videos to load.  

Think the video is finally ready to watch all the way through, time to get back to it.  Have a productive day one and all, no matter what your connection speed.

So you have targets and your connection is slow, do not use this as an excuse, always aim to hit those targets no matter what:

The Key To Content Success Is Be Consistent


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