Five Useful Content Ideas For Your Blog

We have all been there, you might be there right now, sitting staring at your computer wondering what to write about, what to create, what on earth to actually say.

We all have doubts, we all lose confidence and we all run out of ideas of what to write or create every now and again.

The trick is to not worry, there are ideas everywhere, you just need to have a quick look about to find them and get inspired by them.

One problem many have is that they wonder if what they are writing is any good? does it help anyone? does anyone care? are they creating quality? are they being sufficiently different with their output?

My reasoning on this, is to not worry unduly, just focus on your writing, focus on getting your information, story and thoughts onto your blog and you will find over time that your voice, your uniqueness and your ability to find people who you can help will improve.

So here are Five useful content ideas to keep your blog going when the times get tough.

  1. Your story, talk about yourself, your background, your aims, where you are and where you want to be.  What are your plans, how you feel you can help people achieve their goals too.
  2. Check out Blogs in your niche and compile a list of articles and posts that relate to your main subject(s), then create a top ten, top twenty etc. list post linking to the original posts.
  3. Learning something? or want to learn something? does it relate to the niche your blog is in?  If so you have a series of posts, say what you are learning, why you are learning it and show what you have learnt and going to learn.
  4. Bought any products from other marketers to help in your business? Why not review the products and even affiliate with them if you like them.  Not only will this bring an authority to your posts, as you have learnt and own the same product you are asking people to buy, but will also lead to some affiliate sales.
  5. Forums are perfect fodder for blog posts, I have already mentioned this in previous posts, and have used Forums to create a post or two in this blog.  There are tons of questions and even more answers in forums such as  If you cannot find inspiration in a forum related to your subject, then maybe you are in the wrong niche.

There you have it five simple ideas to keep your blog rolling along, there are of course many many more. There are lists out there that go on and on, but really is quantity still quality?  Who can handle lists of 150, or 200?   If you want to make a list post for example, I would always stick to five or up to about twenty. Anything more is really overwhelming the reader, even if the reader doesn’t notice.  Too many ideas in one go can lead to overwhelm and at some point the reader stops concentrating.

The above five ideas should be ones we all use and I think that, especially at the start of your blogging journey, that they are the five most useful content ideas you can have for your blog.




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