Get The Best Headlines With This Totally Free Tool

We are all looking for an edge in this business, something to help us out, but it seems almost everything that is worth something costs.  Well there are still plenty of decent totally free tools out there, just just need to find them.

A big problem with free tool searches on Google though is there are just too many top 100, top 150, top 500 lists out there.  TOO MUCH INFORMATION!!!  Even if you are really specific the lists are too big to wade through all the time.  People want to give value with as much information as possible, but really they are overloading.

A simple top 10 will do surely guys?

Or in this case a simple, single top free tool.

Today I am bigging (yes I know this is not a real word) up the Better Headline Analyzer from CoSchedule.

It is a useful tool to help you to give your headlines, Blog post titles and so on a bigger boost.


Effectively it is a bit of a critic, it will let you knowhow strong your SEO is, gives you marks out of 100, shows how many unique, emotional, generic words you have used.  lets you know how much or little your title stands out and so on.

Effectively it allows you to fine tune and tweak your title until you have something you feel will appeal to more people, will be seen by more people and won’t bore too many of them in the process.

Like anything, don’t spend too long on it, if you cannot get your title into the magical 90’s mark, don’t sweat it.  The more you use it the more targeted you will find your headline creating coming on in leaps and bounds.



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