About Me

Wow, been doing this Blog for about a month and every time I come to my site I forget to do an About Me write up.

Got to think of something profound and meaningful….

Nope, I am just a guy who got bored with boring 9-5 work and the way I and others were always being treated by an uncaring organisation that could not give a crap about anyone.  We were all expendable and only those who talked the talk, rather than did the actual work, got promoted.

So we could see those at the top getting more and more incompetent as they had a lot to say, but little content, only that we should work harder for them.

So it had to end, I am now self employed, running an offline business and now an online business too. Life isn’t easier without a steady paycheck, but it is far happier and more relaxed.

Success is just around the corner for all of us, if we just try.